Warehouse Stacking Steel Pallet for Cold Room



Product Description:

Steel pallet is a small, low, portable steel platform on which goods are placed for storage or moving, as in a warehouse or vehicle. Steel pallets are strong and are used for heavy loads, high-stacking loads, long term dry storage, and loads moved by abusive logistic systems. Our carbon steel pallets offer excellent durability at the lowest cost. Long term costs of steel pallet are lower than other materials. The advantages are high strength and stiffness, excellent durability, bug free, no splinters, sanitary, and recyclable. Main application industries for metal pallets include automotive, pharmaceutical, lawn tractors, motorcycles, and tires.

Features of steel pallets:

1. Green products
2. Stackable for efficient storage
3. Offers excellent durability at the lowest cost, more durable competitive than plastic and wood pallets
4. Accessable, 4 way and 2 way entry
5. Excellent surface powder paint coating finish
6. ISO9001 Quality assurance, reasonable price