Epoxy thermosetting powder coating raw materials



Epoxy thermosetting powder coating raw materials

Product Description:

Spieth powder coating that is suitable for almost everything. Liquid paint can be running, sagging and uneven, but our powder coating powder cures to a smooth and texture free protective (and decorative!) layer.

The ingredients of the powder coating powder consist of:
1.Polymer resins
2.Pigments (in every color imaginable)
3.Leveling and drying agents (curatives)
4.Flow modifiers and some other additives

The paint without a solvent

Power coating that it does not need a solvent to make it liquid for application. The powder is sprayed directly on the substrate with an electrostatic gun (corona gun).

And greatest advantage of Powder coating is applicable thinly, evenly and everywhere. Also, being solvent free means, often a more eco-friendly choice than liquid coating.

Features & Advantages:

Electrostatic Powder Spraying Advantages

1.Difficult shapes can be coated
2.Film thickness between 30-250
3.Simple and low cost for automation
4.Changing colour is relatively simple
5.No pre-heating of components required

Product Data:

Testing items Standards and Methods Test Index
Impact Strength ISO 6272 GB1732-1993 >50kg/cm
Bending Resistance ISO 1519 GB/T6742-1986 ≤2mm
Adhesion ISO 2409 GB/T9286-1998 0-1 grade
Cupping Test ISO 1520 GB9753-1988 ≥7mm
Pencil Hardness ASTM D3363 GB/T6739-1996 1H-2H
Salt spray Test ISO 7253 GB/T1771-1991 ≥500 hours
Hot & Humidity Test ISO 6270 GB/T17740-1979 ≥1000 hours
Weatherability ASTM G151 GB/T1865-1997 240h(QUV B313)
Heat Resistance(Outdoor Use) 100C/24h(white)  E<0.3-0.4

Powder coating Color Card:

Product Cases:

powder coating