Doubled-sided industiral adjustable cantiliver racking

Fast and flexible rack installing uninstalling  goods loading unloading. High efficient horizontal space utilization. Cost-efficient. Adaptable in extra-long, bulky or oddly-shaped item storage.


Name:Doubled-sided industiral adjustable cantiliver racking

Doubled-sided industiral adjustable cantiliver racking

Cantilever racking features:
1) Designed for effective storage and handling of items such as lumber, pipes, bar stocks, timbers or other similar items
2) Material: high quality steel
3) Surface: powder coated or galvanized and color optional
4) This rack can be divided into a single sided or double sided cantilever rack
5) Available with light, medium, and heavy carrying capacities
6) Design plan according to clients requirements
7) Please inform us of the listed questions in your inquiry for quick quotation:

  • AutoCAD drawing;

  • Size of your warehouse;

  • Width, depth of shelving ;

  • Height of shelving system

  • How many bays you want;

  • How many layers you want ;

  • Loading capacity of each layer ;

  • RAL color you want ;

  • Popular in European, Australian and Asian markets;

  • High quality and good appearance.

Product Tags: heavy duty cantilever racking,cantilever racking systems

Cantiliver racking packaging & shipping:

Our advantage:

Why choose Spieth?

1). They are quick, clean and easy to intall;

2). They can be completely disassembled, all parts can be reused, and their structure, size or location can easily be modified;

4). They can be complemented with a variety of shelving systems;

5). Spieth have a professional team in the design department, and also can give a reasonable proposal to the special demand quickly;

6)You can send us your cad drawing we will give you a quick online quote, or you just tell us your tridimensional dimension of your warehouse we can design and draw drawings for you within 48 hours.