Carton live storage racks


Metal Storage Carton Live Rack With Roller Track,Siutable for the storage of large amounts of the same kind of goods and short-period storage.Widely used in logistics center, freight station and publication house and highly automatized factories.

Product Specifications:

Features &  Advantages  1.Organizes inventory for increased space utilization

2.Can reduce travel time between picks by up to 80%

3. Ensures FIFO storage and inventory rotation,

4. Can be used with Roll-formed or Structural Steel Pallet Rack

5. Tracks can be manufactured in many different width and length sizes to fit any rack layout


 Beam & Frame 1. Frame depth normally from 800-1000mm, height is limited by handling equipment      of approximate 11mm.
2. Beam length from 1000-3300mm depends on requirement or design.
3. Operation aisle is from 2200-3800mm depends on operating truck
Load Capacity & Dimension

1. Loading capacity: 500-4,000 kgs UDL/beam level.
2. Height: 1,000-11,000mm
3. Depth: 400-1,500mm
4. Length: 1,500-3,300mm
5. Specail sizes also avaiable to specific storage needs.

Carton Live Racking

More Details:

Our Service:
1. CAD design as your requirement;
2. Feedback of the status of your order timely in different production process, details information with photos;
3. 24 hours service is available;