Spieth(Xiamen)Technology Co., Ltd. Company Culture

Our Vision:

To build a logistics and warehousing aircraft carrier that covers the whole country and the whole world.

To become the most trusted company in the world.

Our mission:

Through our superior quality products and technical advantages to make customers’ production and life simple and happy.

Through our superior quality products and technical advantages to help customers achieve efficiency and all-win.

Our Spirit:

Team Spirit                Pragmatic Spirit

Pioneering Spirit       Innovation Spirit

Company orientation:

In pursuit of customer satisfaction      Enterprise expanding

Individual development               Profit growth

Core value:

Integrity: According to Buddhist thought, “if you leave the nonsense, you can make everyone believe in you.” Integrity is the moral foundation of enterprise and staff, and it is the root of the company’s culture. Honesty and trustworthiness are the foundation for the development of enterprises and the basic principles for enterprises to abide by. 

Passion: Running a business is like a boat, not to advance is to retreat. For an enterprise that is getting better, only enterprises with passion can keep a steady stream of fighting and continue to be in an invincible position in the more brutal market competition. Passion comes from a genuine love of life and work, and when a person is focused on something and shows a strong interest, it begins to have a passion.

Efficiency: Efficiency is our rule of efficiency, and time is our greatest and most valuable asset to us and our customers. Active, with the end as the beginning, important things first, win-win thinking, know the other side of the solution, synergize, constantly update.

All-win: In mathematics, 1+1 =2 is correct in the calculation, but in real life, win-win cooperation can often achieve “1+l>2”.
All-win thinking is the way to achieve better and harmonious development between people and nature and to maximize the common interests in a rational manner.

Quality concept:

Manufacture in meticulous, quality goods for eternity